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Meet Domitille our Echoage heroFull green heart

Nov 05 2019

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SickKids Foundation

Domitille broke her arm last year at school while playing and she has been treated at SickKids and so since then she’s always been mindful of what’s going on in an ER of a paediatric hospital such as SickKids.

Domitille loves taking pictures of her friends,family, of animals, of nature and of beautiful landscapes when traveling.

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Seamus Our Hero

Meet Seamus our Echoage hero

I choose donations instead of a gift.

5 days ago

Mia Our Hero

Meet Mia our Echoage hero

Mia chose the bicycle because she really wants to learn...

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Kate Our Hero

Meet Kate our Echoage hero

She loves to wash dishes and play in the water.

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