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Aug 10 2018

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SickKids Foundation

I had an open heart surgery at the Hospital for Sick kids on August 1st, 2017. The team of doctors, nurses, caregivers, volunteers, and everyone who had a role to play in my recovery, were beyond amazing. It was a great environment. My parents were worried at first, but with the support from the staff, I noticed that they didn't feel overwhelmed or anxious, the support and care were fantastic. I loved the elevator ride the most and enjoyed playing in the beautiful and well-decorated playroom at the 2D cardiac clinic. Every facet of the hospital was well thought of and great for recovery. I will always donate or look for ways to raise funds for Sick Kids.

I love buses and anything on wheels. I currently have a collection of them going and thought it would be nice to have a bike. Although, this summer I saw lots of kids my age riding bikes and it must be fun to ride a bike especially in the summer. I want to learn to ride a bike so I can ride to the park. I also like building stuff, sometimes I do not know what I am building but it is fun making shapes out of blocks so I asked my mum to get me a lego set. With my Jason at 5, I hope to get one or both of my preferred toys.

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Because I like them and I like playing basketball.

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We can help to bring some smiles to other kids too.

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Because without Sickkids we wouldn’t be celebrating our...

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