Meet GraysonandEverly our Echoage hero

Jul 27 2018

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Project Sunshine Canada

To help other kids when they are sick. We liked doing the arts and crafts when Everly was in the hospital for her broken bone.

For the past several years, our family has always chosen to donate money/collected donation items for a variety of charities in lieu of birthday gifts. The kids each pick a charity they want to support or one that they can relate to/understand (they are still quite young). The personally experienced the great work of Project Sunshine and were thrilled to raise money to help others, but they were each able to raise money to pick out one special toy as well. Our kids get way too many presents for their birthdays and Christmas. It gets overwhelming and they lose meaning. To get one special toy that they get to really think about and decide on carefully means its a gift they will be truly grateful for. In addition, they are getting the gift of learning about charity work. It's a win win!

Hero, Project Sunshine Canada

Blair Our Hero

Meet Blair our Echoage hero

It is cool new art piece that I am so excited to try!

almost 7 years ago