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Meet Jaedyn our Echoage heroFull green heart

Jul 10 2018

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Canadian Feed The Children

I chose this charity because I feel it is important for all children to be able to have happy and healthy lives.

Sienna chose crafts and books as she loves to explore her creativity with crafts and loves reading books. She has so much fun making art and learning about new things!

Label Hero, Canadian Feed The Children

Za’kai Our Hero

Meet Za’kai our Echoage hero

I wanted to help other children.

3 months ago

Zoe black Our Hero

Meet Zoe Black our Echoage hero

Making sure Zoe is aware of others and giving back to t...

3 months ago

Emma Our Hero

Meet Emma our Echoage hero

Riding a scooter makes you healthy and I love scooter.

4 months ago