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May 24 2018

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Food Allergy Canada

I chose Food Allergy Canada as my charity because my younger brother Eli is allergic to peanuts and other things and I'd like us to not always have to check ingredients one day.

We gave Jackie several charities to choose from, all of which have special meaning to our family. Food allergies are part of our everyday life so it was only fitting that it should be included in this short list. Our son Eli is allergic to several of the top 8 foods for which we carry an auto-injector everywhere. We believe that one day food allergies will be a thing of the past and we hope our contribution will help.

Hero, Food Allergy Canada

Nora Our Hero

Meet Nora our Echoage hero


over 1 year ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet julian our Echoage hero

I love to ride with my friends .

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Julian Our Hero

Meet julian our Echoage hero

so I have my own device to do homework

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