Meet Caroline our Echoage hero

Feb 16 2023

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I chose to support the WWF-Canada because I care about animals, especially animals that are endangered. My favourite animal is the red wolf, which is critically endangered. I would like to help protect it as much as possible.

I chose to contribute 100% of the contributions to the WWF-Canada. I am very grateful for all that I already have and I feel that the money can be better used to help save endangered animals.

Hero, WWF-Canada

Emerson Our Hero

Meet Emerson our Echoage hero

He loves Lego and Star Wars!

3 months ago

Lachlan Our Hero

Meet Lachlan our Echoage hero

I also love love sports!

3 months ago

Arlo Our Hero

Meet Arlo our Echoage hero

Because I love animals!

5 months ago