Meet Kalen

Our ECHOage Hero

Kalen supported

WaterAid Canada

Kalen's gifts

Lego, Stikbots and a Wii U video game

Why I chose to support WaterAid Canada

My class was working on an eco project to reduce plastic bags and I thought about other things that were made out of plastic that were not good for the earth and for our ecosystem. So I thought about plastic water bottles. I did some research and I know I couldn't do much on my own or with my friends. I didn't see any charities that reduce plastic water bottles but my primary cause was to do something about water in the world, so I chose WaterAid.

Why I chose a Lego, Stikbots and a Wii U video game as my gifts

I like Lego and I find it interesting to build without the instructions. I like the capability of Stikbots and I like that I can make movies and Youtube videos with them. I have a Wii U and I love to grow my game collection.

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