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Colm's gifts

New Police Uniform

Why I chose to support Evergreen

The Brickworks is my favourite place on earth next to Ireland. Actually it's like Ireland in Toronto. It's green and has lots of mud and fresh air. I feel at home there. The adventure leaders are the best adults I know and I want them to be able to have even more adventure camps. Green cities are important for young people because cement everywhere is no fun. I don't need Lego sets. I need green space to run free. So they can have my birthday money.

Why I chose a New Police Uniform as my gift

Everyone knows I am going to be an OPP officer. My old uniform was for age 3-5 and basically I got too big for it. I'll give it to my cousin because at Evergreen we learn to recycle. I have a new bigger one. It's basically the real deal. It has a badge that says OPP on it.

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