Meet Gaia

Our ECHOage Hero

Gaia supported

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Gaia's gifts

Gym Mat, Trampoline and Leotard

Why I chose to support Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetahs are adorable and without them the world wouldn't be the same place. Think about it. Without Cheetahs there wont be stuffed animals of them and you couldn't see a Cheetahs on the zoo. It will be like loosing a family member.

Why I chose a Gym Mat, Trampoline and Leotard as my gifts

I like doing gymnastics and at my house I don't really have a place to do it so with a trampoline I can practice without hurting myself. With the gym mat I can practice the skills that I can't do in the trampoline like a pop. I chose the leotard because my old one is getting smaller and it is not comfy anymore.

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