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Mission and Goals

ZERO TO THREE's mission is to ensure all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. We are a national, nonprofit organization that informs, trains, and supports professionals, policymakers, and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers.

How Your Contribution Helps

The greatest opportunity for influencing a child’s life begins on day one. As babies, the way we are held, talked to, and cared for teaches us about who we are and how we are valued. At ZERO TO THREE we work to build a society that has the knowledge and will to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential. We achieve this by translating research and knowledge – specifically information about the kinds of early experiences that help children thrive – into a range of practical tools and resources for use by the adults who influence the lives of young children.


“Very excellent presentation. Recognizes the need for outreach & training for grandparents, kinship families, community members caring for young children. We work in NFP and support families in co-parenting. Thanks for the excellent information that will be shared with families. Glad to have opportunity to view on your website for those unable to attend. Thanks again”
National Parent Survey Webinar Participant

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