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401 Richmond Street West, Suite 407

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

4169775093 ext. 2460

Mission and Goals

TREC Education's mission is to educate students and families in Ontario in the science and benefits of renewable energy and energy conservation.

How Your Contribution Helps

Renewable energy is key to securing a future with clean air, clean water and to stopping climate change. Educating students and parents in the science and benefits of renewable energy is crucial to building support for renewable energy and inspiring the next generation to boost innovation in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy. For example, since students have begun to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling, a cultural shift occurred, resulting the majority of Ontarians recycling in the home. TREC Education's Kids' World of Energy delivers hands-on, inquiry driven workshops in schools across Ontario. Each workshop is tailored to each grade level and is linked to the curriculum students are learning in the classroom. Our workshops educate and engage students in the science of renewable energy and energy conservation - topics which teachers are typically unfamiliar with. The program provides excellent educational experiences showing students real-life applications to scientific studies and encouraging them to think independently and be innovative.


“TREC staff‘s expertise and knowledge in the field of renewable energy and your ability to link Ontario math, science and literacy strands to hands-on learning staffed by knowledgable and enthusiastic facilitators - made this program/field trip an amazing opportunity for everyone.” - Brian Power, Grade 6 teacher, J.G. Workman Public School In a recent survey, 100% of teachers surveyed responded that the workshops related to the curriculum points for their grade level. One hundred percent also responded that they would recommend Kids’ World of Energy workshops to a colleague and/or return next year.

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