Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail

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Trans Canada Trail

321 de la Commune West

Suite 300

Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1

1-800-465-3636 ext 4343

Mission and Goals

We're on a mission to connect The Great Trail in 2017, in honour of the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The Trail began as a bold dream in 1992 - the idea of creating a trail from coast to coast to coast as a gift from Canadians to Canadians - and today the vision of handling The Great Trail from one generation to another continues to capture the imagination and support of people across the country. Connecting us with nature, with the past and with one another, the world's longest recreational trail links more than 15,000 communities as it winds its way across Canada's magnificent urban, rural and wilderness landscapes. Once connected, The Great Trail will consist of nearly 24,000 kilometres of multi-use trails, which will make it the world's longest recreational trail

How Your Contribution Helps

The Trail is being built by donors and volunteers all across Canada. Today, the Trail is 87 percent connected, but we need your help to reach our goal by 2017! With your generosity, we can leave a legacy of environmental consciousness and Canadian pride for current and future generations!


"Why would I bike on a sidewalk, when I could be exploring in the woods? Plus, it makes me proud to show my friends what I built." Ben O'Neill, 13 years old, volunteer in Nova Scotia

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