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Trans Canada Trail

321 de la Commune West

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Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1

1-800-465-3636 ext 4343

Mission and Goals

The Great Trail is the world’s longest recreational trail, spanning 24,000 kilometres and connecting over 15,000 communities across Canada. This epic “trail of trails” spans a variety of landscapes – urban, rural and wilderness – along greenways, waterways and road routes. And, 80% of Canadians (over 29 million) live within 30 minutes of the Trail, making it easily accessible for enjoying/participating in a wide variety of activities. Whether you are looking for a place to hike, cycle, paddle, horseback ride, cross-country ski, or snowmobile, you will find a Trail section that resonates with you. True to its name, The Great Trail embodies the vastness of our terrain and connects us to the natural beauty, rich history and enduring spirit of our land and its peoples. Your support today will preserve and enhance The Great Trail by: - Connecting additional loops and spurs to the main Trail so that Canadians and international visitors can experience more of our country’s diverse and breathtaking beauty - Adding amenities such as benches, restrooms, guide wires and docks that will increase accessibility for seniors and people with physical disabilities - Converting sections of road routes into greenways for better cycling, walking and hiking experiences and allowing Trail users to get closer to nature - Funding emergency repairs to the Trail when damaged by floods, fires, storms or other natural disasters

How Your Contribution Helps

Your generosity will help protect and enhance the beauty of The Great Trail for current and future generations!


"Why would I bike on a sidewalk, when I could be exploring in the woods? Plus, it makes me proud to show my friends what I built." Ben O'Neill, 13 years old, volunteer in Nova Scotia

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