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505 Consumers Road Suite 700

Toronto, Ontario M2J 4V8


Mission and Goals

Three to Be supports children with neurological disorders by investing in hope through research and the here and now needs of their families and communities.

How Your Contribution Helps

The beginning of Three to Be was inspired by Taylor, Cole and Brody Florence – triplets born 3.5 months prematurely and all later diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy. Their mom Dana – an impassioned and motivated woman – began Three to Be with the goal of putting public support and attention on neurological disorders as a whole. Her belief that a discovery in one area could lead to advancements in many began our efforts to create change. Today, we are the only organization that focuses broadly on children with all neurological disorders and their families. We provide $100,000 in direct financial and peer support to the here-and-now needs of our families every year so they can participate as fully as possible in their communities in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We also fund research that has a specific focus on bringing learnings from the lab right into the homes and communities of our families to create greater quality of life and overall well-being for our kids. Here is what your support means for our families: $75 – Cost of one Pathway Kit that is given to a family just receiving a diagnosis. We call this the “hug in a bag” – it is meant to provide comfort that there is a community waiting for these families when they are ready and that they will never be alone on this journey. We partner with Mount Sinai, Sick Kids, Holland Bloorview, Grandview, Kids Ability, Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe, Kingston Health Sciences and many other children’s treatment centres across Ontario to deliver these. $250 – Our Fee Subsidy Program provides a modest grant of $250 that makes it possible for a child in our community to participate in recreation programs like horseback riding, swimming, camp, music/art therapy, etc. – things that they may otherwise be unable to do without financial help. $250 – Our Give Me A Break Fund gives parents just that – a BREAK. Whether it’s a day at the spa, an evening out at the Jays game or a weekend away as a family, this fund is strictly about doing something that brings joy and is not based on a child’s medical situation. $500 – Through our All Access Fund, grants help support the purchase of equipment or modification services in order for our kids to have the kind of fun that all kids deserve without being limited by their abilities. Did you know that an accessible swing can cost more than $1000? That an adapted bicycle can cost nearly $3,000? In a few short years, we have helped hundreds of children and their families. In a few more, we will help thousands. Your support is an important part of making this happen sooner. Thank you!


PAL truly is my lifeline. I’ve been part of the community for about four years and have been on the parent advisory committee for nearly two years. PAL is my go to whenever I have a question, concern, information to share or something to celebrate. We don’t all know each other, but we understand each other and support each other. There is no other group like it. I’ve met some incredible people who I now include among my closest friends – all thanks to PAL.

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