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Toronto, Ontario M2J 4V8


Mission and Goals

Three to Be supports children with neurological disorders by investing in hope through research and the here and now needs of their families and communities.

How Your Contribution Helps

What Three to Be does has never been done before. There is a community of scientists, doctors, parents and donors coming together in a most dynamic way, all because of Three to Be. We are making change happen. What this community knows and continues to learn is propelling us forward. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your generous contributions helps Three to Be create infinite possibilities for children with neurological disorders by focusing on the following: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Innovation: supporting advancements in cutting-edge research initiatives and treatments for children with neurological disorders. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Community: partnering with industry leaders locally and around the globe to support and promote programs, conferences and facilities. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Empowerment: providing resources, information and meaningful support for parents to help them become the greatest advocates for their families.


"I trained on the Lokomat that was purchased for Holland Bloorview and I know it will help other kids like it has helped me. Before I started training on the Lokomat, I would sometimes catch my feet and trip. The Lokomat helps me learn to walk correctly and stop my feet from catching. Not tripping anymore is a really good thing! I am also getting stronger after training on the Lokomat. This is important because my long term goal is to walk independently. Three To Be gives me the hope that I will achieve my goal in my lifetime!" - Wesley Magee-Saxton, age 13, diagnosed with cerebral palsy ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The funding provided by Three to Be has allowed the Conductors to implement specialized communication devices such as a Smart Board, Ipads, adapted switches, trackballs (like a computer mouse), wireless augmentative communication devices, computers, and essential safety and toileting equipment. These devices enable our Conductors to help our kids improve mobility, speech and language skills in a safe, fun learning environment. We thank Three to Be for the generosity and for helping children living with neurological disabilities to thrive!" - Abigail Payne, Lead Conductor of the Academy of Conductive Education ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Your gift is furthering groundbreaking research that addresses the urgent needs of children with neurological disorders and their families. By supporting Holland Bloorview’s ‘Body-Talk’ research you are giving new hope to families whose children are challenged by some of the most severe and complex disabilities. By helping Dr. Chau and his team give them a voice, you will be giving these children their first real chance for independence. On behalf of the many children and families who will benefit from your generosity, thank you." - The Holland Bloorview Foundation ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Without organizations like Three to Be we would feel completely alone, like we are the only ones in this situation. Getting in touch with other parents, learning about therapies and techniques, equipment and specialized funding has proven invaluable for our family." - Parent to Maden Pettipas, 15 months old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The existence of an organization like Three to Be is so important in our life. It not only supports research and advancements for the future, but aims to connect parents with resources and people that can help build the support system as we parent our special little ones." - Achel, mom to Syona, 22 months old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy

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