Theatre Direct Canada

Theatre Direct Canada

Contact Information

Theatre Direct Canada

601 Christie Street, Studio 170

Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C7

416-537-4191 ext. 224

Mission and Goals

Theatre Direct is one of the country’s leading professional theatres dedicated to young audiences. Now in its 39th year, the award-winning company’s productions tour locally, nationally and internationally. In 2009, Theatre Direct opened the doors to two new creation/education and performance venues in the Wychwood Barns where it engages a diverse community of families and over 30 local schools.


  • To create and present sophisticated and uncompromising theatre for, with and by young people that provokes, challenges and inspires.
  • To present theatre that is socially conscious and reflects and interprets the diversity of the Canadian experience.
  • To nurture our audience’s appreciation of the arts and each other through community and education based programs.

Our work is driven by a belief that young people deserve truth not diversion, that they have a cultural right to meaningful content and compelling, relevant theatre. We view our audience as thinking, feeling, complex individuals, not a market, not just future audiences but our present audience that needs and demands theatre that engages all their faculties and feelings.

Our audience inspires us to tackle big questions in the same way children and youth ask them, honestly, directly, courageously and passionately.

How Your Contribution Helps

Funds are used to:
  • provide access to our theatre productions for young people from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds
  • provide access to our theatre school programs to economically disadvantaged children and youth
  • to support our on-going development of socially relevant theatre projects that engage young people.


Theatre Direct has become an integral part of our local community. Not only has it enriched the lives of our students through participation in live theatre and performance, it has also inspired many of them to strive for something better. Theatre Direct has helped provide our students with a well-rounded educational experience. We look forward to continued opportunities to be entertained, to be challenged and to learn through the work of Theatre Direct.
John Tancredi, Principal

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