The Speech and Stuttering Institute

The Speech and Stuttering Institute

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Contact Information

The Speech and Stuttering Institute

150 Duncan Mill Road Unit 2

Toronto, Ontario M3B 3M4

416 491-7771 ext 228

Mission and Goals

The mandate of The Speech & Stuttering Institute is three-fold: To provide excellent clinical service, to educate and train professionals throughout the province, and to engage in state of the art research to evaluate effective treatment methods.

How Your Contribution Helps

Individuals with speech or stuttering problems are affected throughout their life, socially, educationally and emotionally. Here at The Speech and Stuttering Institute we are able to transform the lives of preschoolers, school aged children and teens who seek our services. The stuttering program is the only specialized and intensive treatment program for stuttering in the GTA and one of only a handful of such treatment centres worldwide. Donations allow us to provide critical treatment to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for the service.

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