The Shoebox Project for Shelters

The Shoebox Project for Shelters

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The Shoebox Project for Shelters

720 Bathurst Street

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R4


Mission and Goals

The Shoebox Project collects and delivers gifts in the form of Shoeboxes to women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our largest community gift drive occurs during the winter holidays, but we also organize smaller projects throughout the year. A Shoebox acts as a powerful reminder for a woman in need that she is important, that she is valued by her community, and that she is beautiful.

How Your Contribution Helps

With these funds, we will provide more gifts to more women in need; raise awareness and understanding of issues related to women's homelessness; and foster safe, supportive and inclusive communities.


"The women were so thrilled that there was someone out there that knew what they were going through, and that they were being acknowledged. One lady phoned us and read the note to us that was in her Shoebox – or at least she tried, as she cried so hard while reading it we could only understand a few words! This person has been through some very rough times, and the note of encouragement meant so much to her." Irene Kroeker Steinbach Community Outreach

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