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Sunnybrook Foundation

KGW-01 2075 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5

416-480-6100 ext. 7538

Mission and Goals

Helping Sunnybrook save lives, one innovation at a time.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is one of Canada's largest and most dynamic hospitals. Our 10,000 staff, physicians and volunteers provide the best care during critical times in the lives of the 1+ million patient visits we support each year.

Sunnybrook Foundation exists to support the advancement of our world-class health sciences centre, through active fundraising in support of research and innovation, education, and equipment initiatives at Sunnybrook.

How Your Contribution Helps


At Sunnybrook, the future of health care lies in our ability to find disease early and to treat it with interventions that cause as little damage as possible. To do this we must lead the way in advancing imaging technology and its novel use, to not only see into, but to treat the body and the mind.

Sunnybrook treats more people with their lives on the line than any other health care facility in Ontario.

To meet this need, Sunnybrook must bring to bear world-class resources in people, equipment and facilities. Strategic priority has been focused on key program areas: cancer, trauma, brain, heart and high-risk mothers and their babies.

Select Sunnybrook as your charity partner today and help us change outcomes and heal the future.

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