St. Anselm's Catholic School

St. Anselm's Catholic School

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Contact Information

St. Anselm's Catholic School

182 Bessborough Drive

Toronto, Ontario M4G 3J9


Mission and Goals

St Anselm is a small school of approximately 375 students, located in Leaside, Toronto. The school's philosophy is based on the fundamental principal of fostering positive feelings of self-worth in the people. We take pride in our school. We expect that all students will participate in the school community, assume responsibility for their actions, show initiative, test themselves with dignity and demonstrate concern for our environment.

How Your Contribution Helps

Funds raised through ECHOAGE will contribute to large-scale improvements to St. Anselm's school that will enhance the student experience. Funds will be closely managed by the parent council, CSPC, who will work with the larger parent community to determine which projects should receive the additional funding. During the 2015/2016 school year, funds raised will go towards the Playground Revitalization Project.

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