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Scientists in School

975 Dillingham Road, Unit 2

PICKERING, Ontario L1W 1Z7

905-837-9626 ext. 226

Mission and Goals

Scientists in School is a leading science education charity with a winning model for sparking children's interest in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and the environment through half-day, hands-on workshops in classrooms and community settings. Under the guidance of our presenters, who are science experts, children become the scientists and develop the 21st century skills needed for the modern workforce.


To ignite scientific curiosity in children so that they question intelligently; learn through discovery; connect scientific knowledge to their world; are excited about science, technology, engineering, and math; and have their interest in careers in those fields piqued.

Peek into any of our workshops and you'll find kids transformed into scientists as they create chemical reactions, explore the effects of propeller angels in their own wind tunnel, examine a spider's eye under a microscope, and learn that in science there are no mistakes - only discoveries.

How Your Contribution Helps

Keep workshop costs low so that more schools can afford to bring us into their classrooms;
Provide complimentary workshops to schools in economically-disadvantaged, rural, Francophone, or First Nations communities;
Put scientific materials and equipment into the hands of 660,000 kids each year, ensuring that our workshops are truly hands-on


"Scientists in School is the one program we can honestly state that the students truly enjoy, love, soar and benefit from. Every student participates, feels successful, and valued. The program is set up in such a way that each student feels special, feels intelligent, and included. This program is a true recipe for success of the student. - Grade 7 Teacher

"Having Scientists in School present a workshop to my class is invaluable. They come with topic expertise and the equipment needed to run hands-on centres that allow the children to explore and learn." - Grade 2 Teacher

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