Regent Park School of Music

Regent Park School of Music

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Regent Park School of Music

585 Dundas St East

Suite 220

Toronto, Ontario M5A 2B7

416.364.8900 x 5

Mission and Goals

RPSM is a nonprofit community music school providing at-risk children and youth, quality, highly subsidized music education that is beyond the financial reach of their families. Founded in 1999, Regent Park School of Music has grown from 71 students in a church basement to over 1,300 students in the Daniels Spectrum building. It is our belief that kids in high risk communities have the same love and passion for music as kids anywhere. We are committed to providing music, teachers, instruments and a program that is uniquely tailored to each child's interests to give them a creative outlet that will help them flourish and reach their full potential. We offer unique ways to engage at-risk youth and help them find their voices, on their terms. Where other music schools might focus solely on classical technique, RPSM thrives with over 50 professional music educators specializing from classical to non-traditional.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your gift will help us bring music to 1,300 children and youth, providing them with a life-changing experience. The research on the benefits of music for young people is very positive, and when you look at the outcomes for young people from low income, high risk neighbourhoods the results are outstanding: ranging from improved academic performance in school to a belief in themselves that raises their aspirations and helps them reach goals far beyond what might have been predicted at the outset. On behalf of all the kids at RPSM...THANK YOU

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