One Family Fund Canada

One Family Fund Canada

Contact Information

One Family Fund Canada

36 Eglinton Ave W

Suite 601

Toronto, Ontario M4R 1A1

416 489 9687

Mission and Goals

One Family is the family of Israel’s victims of terror attacks – those who have been bereaved, those who have been maimed, and those suffering from post-trauma as a result of terrorist attacks since 2000.

How Your Contribution Helps

One Family Fund provides direct financial, legal and emotional support to the thousands of victims of terror in Israel on a daily basis. It is at the forefront in providing long-term support for physical and emotional health, education, housing, income maintenance and other needs. Through our years of experience and strong connections with hospitals, government officials and caring individuals, One Family is giving strength to a generation affected by terrorism. Programs and activities include providing financial assistance, psychological counseling through therapy, support groups and retreats; assistance coordinating applications for government benefits and pursuing employment opportunities. Those in need can better move forward in their recovery thanks to ongoing tangible support and relationships formed with our professional staff, lay leaders and supporters.

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