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1 Cummings Square

Montreal, Quebec H3W 1M6

514-342-0000 ext 3453

Mission and Goals

Founded in 1863, Ometz is a human services agency offering employment, immigration, school and social services to help people fulfill their potential, and to secure the growth and vitality of the Montreal community. Ometz is the Hebrew word for "courage" and it is a reflection of our most fervent wish for the individuals and families who seek our support – that they will find the courage to move forward with life’s challenges. Ometz delivers accessible, integrated, confidential, personalized, and culturally-sensitive human services, founded on Jewish values. Our staff is responsive, compassionate, engaged, innovative and inspiring.

How Your Contribution Helps

Ometz works tirelessly to deliver efficient, effective and innovative services to over 13,000 clients. Thanks to our collective efforts, in the past 12 months: 635 children from low income families enjoyed a positive summer camp experience; 1,910 children ages 3- 7 were screened for motor difficulties and speech disorders; 281 children and parents participated in our interactive Family Play Therapy Program; 180 parents benefited from parlour group experiences; 780 students received tutoring, mentoring, homework assistance and crisis intervention; 3,500 students developed invaluable social skills through our school-based group prevention programs; 80 CPEs, elementary schools and high schools benefited from on-site psychosocial supports in order to promote peaceful schools and academic success; 250 preschoolers benefited from specialized early intervention programs teaching social emotional learning; 265 adults benefited from counseling services to effectively deal with personal, marital, and family issues; 199 children from financially vulnerable families accessed additional learning supports such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and psycho-educational assessments; 1,553 children and adults benefited from a financial safety net; and 498 volunteers helped make this happen! Choose Ometz for your next ECHOage birthday party, and help us change lives!

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