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Nourish America

c/o The Gateway Center

2511 South Barrington Ave, Suite 100

Los Angeles, California 90064


Mission and Goals

We at Nourish America improve the lives of children in America, who live with hunger and poverty. Good foods and extra nutrition help these children feel better and stronger and more able to do well in the classroom and on the playground. That's why Nourish America provides them only the healthiest, most nutritious foods and vitamins.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your contribution helps hungry children in America have better lives! It's very hard for children who go to school hungry to be able focus and remember new facts - so they don't earn good grades. Then they feel bad about themselves and believe that they aren't smart. They don't have the energy to run fast and to win in sports. Children who go to school hungry feel sick, sad and tired most of the time. They believe that they are losers. But your donation will help change that! $1 Feeds TEN! A donation of only $1 to Nourish America helps us give 10 hungry children the nutrition they need to feel better, to remember the answers on tests and to run faster and jump higher in sports. But most importantly, they will be happier when they realize that they can be winners! $100 Feeds A THOUSAND children! THANK YOU for considering Nourish America for your party's charity!!


"Before Nourish America, I never got an 'A'. Now I get all 'A's' and I'm going to be a doctor." Michelle, 6th grader living in a public housing project in Washington, DC. To see children in our programs, see our photos!

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