MAZON Canada

MAZON Canada

Contact Information

MAZON Canada

301-788 Marlee Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M6B 3K1

416 783 7554

Mission and Goals

MAZON Canada is the national Jewish response to hunger. Since 1986, MAZON Canada has been providing critical funds to front-line agencies for the purchase of food, helping Canada's both Jewish and non-Jewish people in need.

How Your Contribution Helps

Contributions to MAZON Canada bring much needed relief to organizations that provide basic food needs to the hungry - and through them, to hungry people. We feed thousands of Canadians every year. The programs that receive our grants include: school and community breakfast clubs that feed children in need; food banks, community kitchens and shelters that feed individuals and families; and meal delivery services that aid elderly people or people with disabilities.


Let all who are hungry come and eat...

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