Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto

Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto

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Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto

25 Dockside Drive

Toronto, Ontario M5A 0B5


Mission and Goals

Kids Up Front Foundation is a charitable organization that provides access to arts, culture, sport and recreation for children who otherwise do not have the opportunity.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your donation will help us remove barriers and provide children with the opportunity to experience a live theatre production, a hockey game, the ballet, a concert, a skating lesson or a trip to the museum for the first time. The level of family income plays a crucial role in the youth development process. According to the Canadian Council of Social Development almost ¾ of youth in low-income families rarely participate in organized community activities compared to ¼ of children in higher-income families. Kids Up Front addresses this discrepancy by providing access to activities and events that enhance the quality of life for children, youth and families facing multiple barriers and challenges. Our program gives children and families a chance to be engaged, included and active which are critical to human happiness.


“People who give to Kids Up Front don’t get to see our children’s faces when they get these opportunities –but it always matters.”Michael Wallace, Principal, TDSB

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