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Kids Now

1500 Avenue Road, PO Box 1314

Toronto, Ontario M5M0A1


Mission and Goals

Kids Now builds self-esteem and leadership skills in grade 7 & 8 students to help them become confident, resilient youth who can transition successfully into high school and prepare for a brighter future.

How Your Contribution Helps

You contribution helps to pay for the direct program costs to deliver 200+ group mentoring programs, empowering 2,000+ students each year! Kids Now is a free, after-school, in-school, 12-week group leadership program that complements the existing school curriculum with life skills development. The program equips youth in grades 7 & 8 living in high-risk, lower income neighbourhoods with essential life-success skills. These skills enable them to believe in themselves, steer away from negative influences, and towards setting achievable goals and transitioning successfully into high school and beyond. Led by trained, adult volunteer mentors, sessions include building self-confidence, developing communication & relationship skills, resolving conflicts, overcoming bullying and peer pressure, managing stress, improving mental wellbeing and setting achievable goals - all in a fun, interactive and inclusive format.


“… It is through working relationships with programs like KIDS NOW that young people at risk of losing their way in life are offered strategies and leadership tools for a successful future. The KIDS NOW program equips students with a wide variety of communication, goal setting, stress management and problem solving tools and strategies which, combined with the positive experiences and successful role models they encounter at the KIDS NOW sessions, inspire students to believe in themselves and make positive choices so they reach their full potential.” Edmonton Catholic School Board Superintendant Endorsement April, 2014

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