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Jacob's Ladder

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Jacob's Ladder

505 Consumers Road

Suite 400

Toronto, Ontario M2J 4V8



Mission and Goals

The mission of Jacob's Ladder is to fund research, awareness, education and treatment for neurodegenerative illnesses.

How Your Contribution Helps

Support our awareness campaign and genetic screening initiatives Support our fellowship grants Support our International Norman Saunders Prize in Genetics at Sick Kids Hospital Help to fund the Jacob's Ladder Therapeutic Pool at the new Lebovic Campus of the JCC.


To date, Jacob’s Ladder has enabled ongoing research in many areas related to neurodegenerative disorders. Through the annual Jacob’s Ladder International Research Prize, for example, this organization makes possible innovative research in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases. In addition to supporting investigative research, Jacob’s Ladder has facilitated increased genetic screening in Canada for parents and parents-to-be, and they have contributed to the education of medical personnel as well as the public about rare genetic diseases and what relevant tests might be available. Michael W. O’Mahoney

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