Inspirations: a snapshot of our special needs community

Inspirations: a snapshot of our special needs community

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Inspirations: a snapshot of our special needs community

6000 Fielding Avenue, Room 109

Montreal, Quebec H3X 1T4


Mission and Goals

Inspirations is a unique cause that celebrates people with special needs, from autism to learning disabilities, to visual impairments or cerebral palsy. The only English-language special needs publication in the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas, Inspirations celebrates the successes of children and young adults with special needs. We consolidate a wealth of information and resources into one package in order to assist parents, caregivers and teachers in their search for resources. Referred to as the 'hub' of special needs news and resources in Montreal, Inspirations inspires, breaks down barriers while educating and teaching acceptance and tolerance, and unites and celebrates a vibrant community. Inspirations reaches the community year-round through its website and Facebook page, highlighting upcoming community events and regularly updating its database of special needs resources which includes nearly 500 resources. Check us out online at, or You can read our latest edition at

How Your Contribution Helps

We've just celebrated our fifth anniversary! Funds will assist us in the expansion of the distribution of Inspirations - to allow us to reach more families, caregivers and teachers. The more people we reach, the more people we help. Funding would also go towards the programming of events that will benefit the community, such as conferences, workshops, speakers.

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