Handicap International Canada

Handicap International Canada

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Handicap International Canada

1819, Boul Rene Levesque Ouest, Bureau 401

Montreal, Quebec H3H 2P5

5149082813 x226


Mission and Goals

Handicap International Canada supports people with disabilities in situation of extreme poverty, conflicts or natural disasters. Handicap International was co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 and winner of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2011.

How Your Contribution Helps

In developping countries where our actions are located, more than 90% of disabled children don't have any access to school. With your help, we will help a disabled kid build his/her future by getting to school.


Kim Our,11, lives in Cambodia. When her leg was amputated after an infected below-knee abscess, Kim Our became introvert and isolated from other children. Once she was fitted with a prosthesis, she benefited from rehabilitation sessions to get used to her ‘new leg’ and learn how to walk again. It was hard but she was very brave. As soon as she could, she went back to school, where she attends mainstream classes with other children of the same age. Today, Kim Our is happy. Her favourite subjects are Khmer and chemistry. Her eyes sparkle when she mentions her school, her classmates and her future.

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