FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Contact Information

FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

16057 Tampa Palms Blvd. West # 373

Tampa, Florida 33647


Mission and Goals

FORCE is the only national organization solely devoted to supporting the more than 2.3 million women who may be at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer and their families. FORCE also provides information and support for men who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer.

How Your Contribution Helps

Contributions to FORCE provide support, education and awareness to help those facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer understand their health care options and make informed decisions. It will also allow us to advocate for laws protecting people from genetic discrimination, ensure access to screening, prevention and treatment options, access to genetic information and expertise and increase funding for research specific to the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community.


“For me, being part of FORCE illuminated just how much we all need each other through this process, so that none of us has to feel alone, without resources, or confused about our choices and path to wellness. Through FORCE I have the means to help women prevent cancer and to improve the lives of those who already have contact with the disease.”
Raychel Kubby Adler

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