Fertility Matters Canada

Fertility Matters Canada

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Fertility Matters Canada

22 Church Street, Suite T380

Moncton, New Brunswick E1C0P7



Mission and Goals

We are the national organization that empowers Canadians to help reach their reproductive goals by: providing support, awareness, information and education; and promoting equal access to fertility treatments.

How Your Contribution Helps

1. Provide assistance to our national network of peer-led support groups. 2. Provide updated infertility resources, information and support on our website. 3. Bring awareness and education to elected government representatives about the impacts of infertility and the need for better access to treatment. 4. Run programs and events during Canadian Infertility Awareness Month.


"For my husband Scott and I, it had taken almost 6 long and painful years of infertility; with many years of obstacles, challenges, disappointments, and fleeting glimmers of hope along the way. We went to the best of the best professionals we knew of to help us navigate through the process and had no way of knowing how this story would end. I will say though, that doctors and other professionals can only take you so far. It is the love and support of everyone else who surrounds you that helped carry us the rest of the way. The support of the IAAC Winnipeg Support Group and the members gave us the key we needed. In September, 2013, we had a beautiful baby boy. At his baby shower, we had a donation container to collect money towards the IAAC Winnipeg Support Group. Having the support group was a very valuable resource. I wanted to say a huge thank you and give back a little something for all the love and support they showed us. " Scott and Shannon, Winnipeg

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