Brown Junior Public School

Brown Junior Public School

Contact Information

Brown Junior Public School

454 Avenue Road

Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J1


Mission and Goals

Brown is a dual track school with an English and French Immersion stream. Brown P.S offers a variety of academic, arts, sports and music programs. Your child is encouraged to strive for academic excellence while also adding balance to the day by pursuing an interest or talent from an extensive number of activities that are offered. Your funds support various school activities and initiatives that enrich your child's experiences at the school. Brown J.P.S. is over 100 years old, and we are still going strong! We will continue to grow through a focused and well-planned curriculum and through the use of a variety of assessments to help students succeed. We will continue to access TDSB literacy, math and French consultants for professional development and school improvement planning. We are also dedicated to continuous improvements to our library, our overall facilities, and keeping up to date with new technologies. Additionally, our staff and students plan a number of events to raise funds and awareness for those in need here at home and around the world.

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