Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Speaks Canada

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Contact Information

Autism Speaks Canada

2450 Victoria Park Avenue

Main Floor

Toronto, Ontario M2J 4A2

4163626228 ext 204

Mission and Goals

Autism Speaks is dedicated to bringing hope to all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. Through research, public awareness, family services and advocacy we will find the missing pieces to the autism puzzle.

How Your Contribution Helps

Find the missing pieces of the autism puzzle and provide critical funding to support the work of agencies and organizations across Canada who work with children, youth and families who live with autism.


No organization in Canada has done more to fund autism research or raise awareness of autism than Autism Speaks Canada. When I see the blue puzzle piece I have hope. I know that together - we will find the answers and make the life of my son and the thousands of others who live with autism across Canada better.
Gene Rocha

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