ECHOage is so EASY to use!
September 19, 2014
Watch a step by step video on how to sign up your ECHOage party today.

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October 22, 2014
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April 2, 2014
See how easy it was for Sami to raise funds for Second Harvest and get a new hockey stick for his birthday.
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November 6, 2009
Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith created a website for parents and children to make birthday parties more meaningful, convenient and still as fun as always.

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April 17, 2009
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April 30, 2010
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ECHOage Featured on the Today Show
February 28, 2011
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ECHOage Reviews

Leila turns 4 this December, and especially right before Christmas, I was cringing at the thought of loads of gifts coming in the door. So we talked about an echoage party (her brother has had one three years running) I gave her some options: do you want to help people, kids, animals? She said kids. I asked if she wanted to help kids be healthy or go to school. She said be healthy. I asked her, healthy bodies or happy hearts? She said happy hearts. So it was easy to to go from there to the George Hull Centre as our charity of choice.
- Jasmine

My daughter Shelby was just invited to an ECHOage Party. Together we looked at the invitation and navigated our way through your site. We both felt so good about doing it. And she loved the award she received after we gave our donation. My daughter can hardly wait to use ECHOage for her next party in November!! Thanks for giving us this opportunity!!!
- Jodi

We received the funds from ECHOage. Thank you for getting it to us so efficiently. My son Mason has been so proud about his decision to give to a charity and he loves the idea of responsibility to choose his own gift.
- Sandi

I think the concept of your site is fantastic and the ease of your site is amazing too. What a great idea and a wonderful lesson for our very fortunate children. We request no gifts each year for our kids parties. Most years we still get gifts and the number of donations seems to dwindle each year. This concept makes it easy, one stop for gift and RSVP. Love it! Congrats on a great concept that is well executed.
- Robyn

As a parent who gets to witness the gluttony that has become children's birthday parties, I admire you both so much for not only having this great idea, but for finding a way to take the stigma out of encouraging people to donate instead of buying more clutter. Well done indeed. I am sure you get this kind of reaction all the time.
- John

We just received the check from our party and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic of an idea I think ECHOage is. I have referred your concept/website on to many friends and I know 2 have already booked their upcoming parties with you and many others are planning on it. It's wonderful to teach such positive messages to our children < I applaud you for coming up with the idea. I hope things are going well for you and I will continue to refer ECHOage to many. I wish you much success!
- Kristin

Thank you so much for creating something that I have been thinking about for years! I have just brought my daughter into this world and I want her to grow up appreciating the world and not "things". This will help so much! If I can help you in any way, please let me know!!!
- Corrine

To compliment the ECHOage concept, we decided to have yoga theme party. Our ECHOage party was a huge success!!! Having returned home without more than I left with was such a relief. The feedback we heard from the parents who received our invitations, also appreciated the intentions and the convenience of us having an ECHOage party. We thank you!
- Alison

Finally a way to have a party and not have heaps of trash outside my house on garbage day. It always made us feel badly for celebrating. We used ECHOage this year and my daughter now has a gift she can use and appreciate. We are so happy that we went this route. Brilliant!!! Thank You!!!
- Alia

I just used ECHOage for my daughter's birthday and it was such an easy process. I loved how it kept track of who was coming and any comments the parents had about the special needs of the child coming ie. food allergies. My daughter ended up raising a large amount for her charity. I received a big check for a special gift for my daughter. She got her gift and then purchased extra books for her class with the extra money. All around it was such a pleasant experience. Thanks ECHOage!
- Tiffaney

I would like to offer as one of the greatest green birthday party ideas to come on the scene in a long time. For my sons' combined first and third birthday party I used ECHOage to send out paperless invitations, manage my RSVP's and ease the gift buying headache for parents -- the site enables parents/guests to donate money towards ONE special (and wrapping-free!) gift for a child along with a sizeable donation to a charity of my or my child's choice. In using ECHOage we not only avoided the mountain of garbage that is produced in unnecessary wrapping of multiple toys/gifts, but we avoided the mountain of small, plastic (sometimes toxic), and generally meaningless toys for our children. My children chose one special gift for themselves and the balance (half) of the money was donated to a fabulous charity. Not only did we do something great for the environment, but we changed people's lives as well.
- Mia

What a PLEASURE not to have to deal with a ton of inane and useless gifts that end up in the landfill, and not to have to deal with heaps of wrapping paper, as well as all the garbage from the ridiculous packaging in which the gifts come. How liberating! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
- Tova

I just found your website and I think it is brilliant. I am grandmother age and would like to congratulate you on great idea, great values and great role modeling. I have worked in the not for profit sector all my life and it warms my heart to see and read your website. I wish you the best of everything with your children, your families and your program.
- Marsha

I think your website and the whole concept is an excellent idea and we have been, and will, spread the word. Well done!!!
- Andy

This website (and idea) is absolutely fantastic!!! The colours and simplicity of design are fresh and clean and to navigate the site was a breeze (no pun intended)! I cannot rave enough!!!
- Marta

I think ECHOage is a great concept, on many levels, and should mention that you present the heart of ECHOage's mission passionately and convincingly. I think it will do very well - and it should as its purpose is quite admirable. All the BEST wishes to you!
- Becky

I thought ECHOage was great. Great job - thanks so much for making it so easy, love the groovy graphics and I will tell my friends.
- Ann

What a PLEASURE not to have to deal with a ton of inane and useless gifts that end up in the landfill, and not to have to deal with heaps of wrapping paper, as well as all the garbage from the ridiculous packaging in which the gifts come. How liberating! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
- Tova

ECHOage is great idea and a "win-win-win" for the birthday child, the parent and the guest. The child has the opportunity of giving and feeling great about it. The parent models the importance of thinking of others and doesn't have to focus on buying and mailing invitations and then receiving so many gifts their children just don't need. As for invited guests, there is no need to take so much time to run around and think about the "perfect present", not to mention the environmental savings on gift wrapping, gas, etc. It's a wonderfully creative idea and it teaches our children that it feels not only good to get, but great to give. I love it!
- Janet

I invited a ton of kids to my son's ECHOage party from his hockey team and all the parents love the idea. One mother who is a cancer survivor said her sister is a counsellor at a cancer camp and her niece goes there so it was very personal and touching for them. Another parent works for the Department of Forestry and loved the idea of saving trees and being paperless. I love this idea and will continue to use it, promote it and support it widely!!!
- Kim

Wow - I am so touched by what you have done/created. My son is 20 months now and we have been blessed with so much. I honestly didn't want any birthday presents for his 1st Birthday. But didn't know HOW to go about it.... now I do. Thank You!
- Neeta

Hi! I just wanted to pass on the positive energy that was received from my son's ECHOage party! Many of the guests were so supportive and are planning to ECHOage their parties as well! Thanks for all you do! Less IS more!
- Brandi

I am a dad who has witnessed the excess that birthday parties bring. Finally a way to stop those plastic gifts from filling our house each time we want to celebrate a birthday. You did it!!! I commend you. We used ECHOage and our child had his first opportunity to give to a charity by himself! You should be very proud of your creation.
- John

I love the birthday party and the online charitable giving all in one for kids and charities! You are beautiful to introduce such a brilliant concept to our world! Thank you for what you do! So excited to learn more!
- Tonya

Wow, thanks! I love your idea. We grew up with very little with five kids in my family... and my parents have always been models of philanthropy when they could. Because of my lifestyle, I'm very keen on owning very few material things. Your philosophy resonates deeply with mine. I only hope the word spreads and more parents embrace the path of altruistic philanthropy.
- Hani

Hi! I just wanted to pass on the positive energy that was received from my son's ECHOage party! Many of the guests were so supportive and are planning to ECHOage their parties as well! Thanks for all you do! Less IS more!
- Brandi

ECHOage is now our first choice in party planning! I'll be back this November to plan another party. I hope it's going well for you!
- Kim

I am a New York resident and I love ECHOage!! I am using it now and having a great experience. I have tried other things in the past - writing "no gifts expected", asking people to spend no more than $10, etc., and never had any compliance from partygoers. So, ECHOage was like a dream for me. I gave my son a choice - a very small party with gifts, or a large party with ECHOage. I think it was a very fair way to present it to him. He really wanted kids from his class, so this works out great. I have had a couple of people make comments to me - usually implying that I must have forced him to do it. However, right on the invite I wrote "Miles is very excited about the joint gift - he has chosen Harry Potter Legos". And lets be honest, once he found out that his one gift could be the Hogwarts Lego set, he was ready to do it!!!
- Janet

I just wanted to let ECHOage know what a great experience my son and I had having an ECHOage party. Being that he was just turning 5, we had a lot of discussions about the charities he could choose from. What a great built in "teaching" moment for us. Having a summer birthday and not seeing his friends often, he really enjoyed checking the site everyday to read the notes his friends left with their RSVP. We are so happy, he has a the toy of his dreams and I don't have waste and clutter. The best part is now he thinks about charities before himself. The other day we had a lemonade stand and he said he wanted to donate the money to the local animal shelter. I was so proud! I had a glimpse of the type of man I hope to raise, one that is caring and compassionate. Thank you ECHOage!
- Cathryn

I can't tell you how many people have complimented my kids on what they did for their birthdays. It has made them feel so good and we are ECHOagers for life!
- Debbie

We loved how easy you made it for us! We were excited to read all of our birthday messages as our guests replied and we especially loved knowing we were giving back. What a wonderful way for all of us to learn the importance of compassion and community.
- Erin

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